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The corporate media has developed methods to sway public opinion across the planet through partial information, opinionated views and outright lies woven into reports spread across platforms worldwide and delivered to fearfully gullible people who fall for the headlines without vetting the facts.

Media flavor of the day, STOP HUMANS FROM USING IVERMECTIN instead of taking the jabs.  Here are the facts. 


Crisis clarifies character, because it puts it to the test. What is a character test? That’s when you have something to lose by taking a stand on principle (job, reputation, friends), or something to gain by remaining silent. I believe life is a character test. 


I watched this video today, and cried.  Heartbreaking, yet it’s necessary for us to be witnesses to this crime.  In any other era, these jabs would have been pulled from the market.  Instead, they are promoted with cash prizes, donuts, comic books, and coercion from the media and social media. 


Just when I think there’s a chance humanity will wake up to the control system being installed using CoVID as an excuse, I read a story today that a school in Washington State is requiring unjabbed kids to wear ankle monitors while at school. You can read the article here.

Do you remember being a kid?  


To nobody’s surprise, the FDA has now seemingly approved the Pfizer CoVID vaccine.  What does that mean exactly?

We can’t expect the corporate media system to provide much context.  But context we have aplenty.  The FDA has been a bought organization from its inception.  


Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority continue swinging the wrecking ball and destroying the once beautiful and wonderful state of Oregon.   She has now mandated that all health care workers, including Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors must now get the jab or stop working.   If there’s not enough push back and she/they get away with this, it will be end of medical freedom in the state, and the end of the natural health lifestyle


The rise of medical fascism in the US and around the globe is causing many to wonder if this isn’t a time like in 1938 Germany, when the brownshirts were on the rise and the people allowed it to happen. 

I know, I know, it is VERBOTEN to make comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis.  But why is that?  We ought to be able to call it the way we see it, right?   We have Americans clamoring for the unvaxxed to be rounded up and locked away to make society safe.   You know, the way Germany rounded up its Jews, who were claimed to be infected and risky to the pure German people.  

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