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I haven’t blogged in many years.  Yet I love to write.   I’m back.

Back in the day, when I started Dr. K’s blog, I posted 800-1500 word posts three times a week, and I did that for several years.  This was before social media.  I tracked my site visitors’ interest with numbers of hits,  and a widget in the margin showed me that I had visitors from all over the world.  

The most popular topic  on Dr. K’s blog was narcissism. 

How the times have changed.  Instead of how to deal with difficult people, these days are wondering how to deal with the breakdown of our civilization and the ever increasing divisions that separate us one from another.   

I am an observer of human behavior, student of history, and determined critical thinker.  The primary purpose of this website is to give myself a platform to share my thoughts, ideas, inspiration and information about health, communication, conflict resolution and persuasion without the constant and legitimate fear of being de-platformed by Big Tech!

In an age of increasing censorship and suppression of criticism and dissent in service to counter-factual narratives that serve hidden interests, it seems to me that just being honest, speaking authentically and naturally about the people and events that are shaping our lives has become increasingly difficult online. 

Nobel prize winning scientists, doctors, nurses and political representatives have been attacked and silenced online and in the press.  And for what?   For daring to be critical of narratives pushed by the corporate media, social media and corrupt government agents and agencies who have industry agendas to protect.   If you haven’t witnessed it first hand, you’re lucky.   I’ve seen peer reviewed scientific papers blocked, comments from credible doctors and scientists labeled as misinformation and suppressed.  

Hate speech and misinformation are the tags placed on dissent these days.  That’s not to say there isn’t misinformation and hate speech, because there is, plenty of it.  But free speech is not inherently hate speech, and misinformation is often missed information.   If a balance must be struck, it should favor more freedom and less censorship, rather than the current arrangement.  

Taking the ‘You can’t fire me, I quit!’ approach I closed down my Facebook and Twitter platforms in protest over censorship in 2020 before they had a chance to throttle me. (They take you down when you are successfully reaching more and more people, and my follower counts were exploding…I knew it was just a matter of when, not if.)  I chose to remain on LinkedIn, because of all my business contacts from a long career as well as wonderful testimonials from clients and patients in support of my work.  

In July of 2021 LinkedIn removed my primary business account.  I assume this was because my reach and follower counts were rising rapidly and my content challenged their preferred counter factual narratives.  I broke no laws, and linked to credible science from reliable sources, along with honest opinions. People seemed to resonate with it, so sharing increased.  About 3 weeks before they took me down,  having seen others lose their accounts, I told my contacts and followers I  suspected that I would soon be cut off.  And then I was.    

Fact is, I like to resolve conflict whenever possible, and have often played the role of peacemaker between parties in conflict.  At the same time, I’ve never been one to back down from a fight, or concede defeat in the presence of a bully.   The time has come for each of us to find our voice and push back against the power grab, the lies and propaganda being disseminated in the name of CoVID.  It is in my nature to speak up and speak out when I believe I am witness to criminal acts … or my conscience would call me complicit in the crimes.   

Thus, this site.   I hope you find my writing and sharing insightful, useful and encouraging, and I invite your comments and feedback.     


In hopes for a better not a bitter world,  

 Rick a.k.a. Dr. K

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