So the FDA Approves?


To nobody’s surprise, the FDA has now seemingly approved the Pfizer CoVID vaccine.  What does that mean exactly?

We can’t expect the corporate media system to provide much context.  But context we have aplenty.  The FDA has been a bought organization from its inception.  Indeed, John Wiley, who was the first to run the then ‘Food Drug and Pesticide’ agency (it’s original name) and resigned some years later in anger,  published a book about how the agency had been hijacked by industry and government ‘interests’ that had no real interest in human health and every interest in foisting products on the public that were harmful.  He titled it ‘Anatomy of a Crime,’ and revealed how the very laws designed to protect the public from danger had been defanged by a corrupt Congress heavily lobbied by industry.   Some things never change.

We know the FDA approved Vioxx, Thalidomide, and a whole host of other dangerous products, only recalling them after the profits had been made.  We know that thousands, and perhaps 10s of thousands of Americans have been killed by CoVID vaccines, and 100s of thousands injured already.  We know that the vaccine doesn’t prevent someone from spreading CoVID, and that in some cases the viral load carried by the person who received the jab is up to 250 times greater than in the unjabbed person.   

We also know that this new authorization, pushed through without proper scrutiny or public release of relevant data, will be used by Joe Biden’s administration to push for more controls over and more loss of medical freedom in American society.  

Free of liability.  Pushed by government and industry.   What could possibly go wrong?  (We don’t have to look very far for that answer!)

Would it do any good to recommend extreme caution?   Unlikely.  The lines have been drawn.  For many, this jab is the hill they are willing to die on in defense of their bodily autonomy and right to decide on what gets put in their system.  For others, surrender to authority is all that matters.   It’s a character test, and we shall see if humanity’s better angels win, or industry continues its unfettered destruction of human health and need for more of industry’s products.  

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