Oregon's Wrecking Ball


Oregon Gov Kate Brown and her cronies are a demolition crew to the once wonderful state.

Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority continue swinging the wrecking ball and destroying the once beautiful and wonderful state of Oregon.   She has now mandated that all health care workers, including Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors must now get the jab or stop working.   If there’s not enough push back and she/they get away with this, it will be end of medical freedom in the state, and the end of the natural health lifestyle (people choosing health over sick care, choosing to tend to their health with good food, exercise, herbs and such, instead of relying on Big pHARMa’s drugs with their track record of death and destruction.  

Sadly, too many Oregonians have given up all their freedom to the state, believe all the lies and propaganda foisted on them by the purchased press, and are learning to hate their health loving fellow citizens.   This is a crime against humanity, pushed by the drug industry and the medical industry that provides the drug industry’s increasingly ill customers, aided and abetted by ambitious and power hungry Democrats who are using their offices to coerce citizens into submission.  

The only antidote is for people to come together, unite in common cause and JUST SAY NO, here and no further.   I’m not holding my breath, and my heart aches for what Oregon once was…the greenhouse for the rebirth of my profession after 3/4s of a century of persecution and harassment.   If the people allow Kate Brown to do this to them, there’s no limit to her control and power over the state.   The demolition of the state by Oregon’s Governor and her cronies in the stinking ‘public health’ establishment (it stinks because of the rot, decay and corruption) and socialist allies  continues apace.  

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