Be safe!  That’s what the jabbed say to the unjabbed, the masked to the unmasked.  

Be free!  That’s our reply!  

Don’t be selfish, they say.  We’re doing all this to protect you.   Stop lying to yourself, we say.   We didn’t ask you to, we don’t want you to, and we don’t need you to do any of that.   

The truth about freedom and safety is that …


Responding to this article about Joe Biden’s vaccination policies <https://starkmanapproved.com/joe-bidens-vaccine-politics/>, I wrote:

Good read, but the article makes the misleading claim that public distrust is due to handling of the 'pandemic.' That’s a gross understatement, and leaves out the fact that leaders of CDC and FDA leave these agencies for plush industry payouts, payoffs and promotions (*Geberding for example…too many to name, look into it!) The track record of these agencies is sick. 


When LinkedIn took down my account for violating community standards (community standards = lies and disinformation about the scamdemic, and deplatforming of truth tellers and fact based medical info) I had two responses.


I read an interesting article today, and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to make sense out of the non-sense that governments are foisting on their populations regarding the latest scariness of the CoVID1984 virus.  

Title:  Your Immune System is Not Political

So, why are we treating a pandemic in a partisan way?


A picture is worth a thousand words.  A picture with words is called a meme.  I love memes because they allow the conveyance of big ideas with few words!  


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