Shadow of 1938


The rise of medical fascism in the US and around the globe is causing many to wonder if this isn’t a time like in 1938 Germany, when the brownshirts were on the rise and the people allowed it to happen. 

I know, I know, it is VERBOTEN to make comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis.  But why is that?  We ought to be able to call it the way we see it, right?   We have Americans clamoring for the unvaxxed to be rounded up and locked away to make society safe.   You know, the way Germany rounded up its Jews, who were claimed to be infected and risky to the pure German people.  

I moved out of Southern Oregon when the hatred of independent thought was just starting to become normalized.   Hateful behavior began with mere words, on social media platforms like Fakebook and Nextdoor UnNeighbor.   But then it began showing up in the real world.   One day, my wife and I were walking, unmasked, outdoors, on a little used street at the top of the town.  We were enjoying the walk, the outdoors, and each other’s company, minding our own business, when two men appeared coming from the opposite direction.  We barely noticed them.   But as they got closer, one of them jumped out of the road about 15 yards, to create distance between himself and us.  And then he began shrieking and cussing at us at the top of his lungs.  This, in a small town, where kindness and creativity and independence had once been high values.  

2 weeks later, someone wearing a mask tried to run me off the road.  Meanwhile, on Fakebook, former friends began attacking me for spreading misinformation (that’s censorship talk for ‘information that doesn’t fit the dominant narrative.’ )  Nothing I posted was misinformation, but it clearly was missed information, and was disturbing the complacency and certainty of many.   The number of attacks, of hateful comments, of accusations multiplied over the following weeks.  

My wife and I could see the writing on the wall, specifically because we made the Nazi comparison.   It occurred to us that we didn’t want to try to make a move AFTER the border was closed.   We pulled up our deep roots from Oregon, and fled the state, feeling like refugees.   We made a beeline for freedom.  We’ve never looked back, until today, as I write this post, remembering all that was, and all that was lost, because of a  false narrative about a virus, and the agenda driving our society towards ‘Your papers please’ and ‘please alert authorities if you have an extremist (read unvaxxed or freedom loving) in your family.’   

The comparison the rise of fasicism in Europe is apt.  We can hope our friends and family in Oregon and other ‘blue’ states (the Democrats are driving the narrative and using it to bludgeon society into submission to the drug industry and its investors) will read the writing on the wall and make their exit plans while it is still possible to leave.   Dark days are ahead.   Freedom beckons. 

Last note:  If you do flee from a corrupt and destructive state like Oregon has become under Kate Brown’s ‘leadership,’  please don’t bring those blue politics with you.  The time has come for our generations to defend our values and our freedom.   Be a part of that.   Or stay where you are and watch your own demise unfolding. 

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