My first ‘career’ was playing Rock n' Roll in Hollywood in the 1960s. I only played and sang original songs, and did a few studio sessions. Only one tape survives from those days, a reel requiring a reel-to-reel tape recorder, which I don't have.  So that tape is going to stay in the can. I'm still playing daily and take myself far less seriously.  Playing music helps me keep my head and heart connected.  
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Me and my guitars through the years



Strictly electronic, using sampled loops.


Have A Little Faith In Me

One of my favorites, 

and I had a lot of fun putting it together.

All me, except drums are electronic.

 'Gallery of My Life' music video.

I created movie using iMovie,  song in Garageband, and that’s me on lead and bass.

Take Some Time, mp3

I recorded this using Garageband, using drum and horn loops, then played rhythm and lead parts in separate tracks.

Cast Your Fate To The Wind music video

First song I ever learned on the piano, my sister taught it to me, I taught it to my daughter. Made this 20 years ago.

Keyboard Stream

Carried this tune around in my 

keyboard forever.

More may be added as time permits.

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