Ankle Monitors for Kids?


Just when I think there’s a chance humanity will wake up to the control system being installed using CoVID as an excuse, I read a story today that a school in Washington State is requiring unjabbed kids to wear ankle monitors while at school. You can read the article here.

Do you remember being a kid?   Playing together, hanging together, wrestling, laughing, singing, having fun together?   Look what they’re doing to our children now!   Social distancing (an oxymoron, there’s nothing social about it), masks hiding teacher’s faces from the kids, and kids’ faces from the teacher, desks far apart, walking far apart in single file…and now ankle monitors to identify those dangerous unjabbed!    My God!  They are literally teaching children to do the following:

1.  Obey without question the dictates of distant authority

2.  Avoid other kids, they could be dangerous

3.  Be quiet, nobody can understand you through the mask anyway

4.  The world is an icky scary place.  Don’t touch it!

5.  This is what prison will be like if you don’t cooperate as an adult

What a sick and sickening development.   Eaton High School in Washington State is certainly not a place to send your children if you want them to learn critical thinking and have a healthy immune system.  

I used to be a big fan of public education. I voted for bond measures that helped the schools, donated to athletic funds.  I even showed up and taught a little class from time to time.   No more.  I hope that parents pull their kids out of these schools post haste, and I hope the teachers refuse the jab, that administrators face rebellion, and that the whole sick mess of it collapses on itself.   

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