In a public career spanning 40 years, Dr. Rick Kirschner has offered a powerful approach to dealing with change that unlocks creativity, enhances team communication and increases commitment.  He developed his ideas and programs from a palette of essential attitudes, behaviors and skills for successful interactions.  

In keynote speeches for association events and conferences, in seminars and training for Fortune 1000 companies, and at executive retreats, he has helped his audience find motivation to do the important work today for a better tomorrow.  

Dr. Kirschner is a best selling author of numerous books and multimedia programs, including the coauthored international bestseller (now in a third revised edition, 26 translations, and over 2 million sold) , ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst,’  ‘Love Thy Customer,’  ‘Life By Design,’  ‘How To Click With People,’ and the comprehensive communication program,  ‘Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion.’  

In 2015, he premiered his documentary film, ‘How Healthcare Became Sickcare: The True History Of Medicine.’   

A 1981 graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine, Dr. Kirschner was an Oregon licensed Naturopathic physician until 2020, when he retired his license.  He is the Past President of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute, a long-time faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies, and a thought leader with Athena Interactive.  His clients included many of the world’s best known organizations, including AT&T, Heineken, Kraft,  NASA, Progressive Insurance, the U.S. Army and National Guard, Starbucks, etc.   

Dr. Kirschner delivered his expertise in thousands of radio and television appearances, interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, from CNBC and CBC to FOX, the Wall Street Journal to the USA Today.    

In 2016, Rick turned over leadership and ownership of the company he founded, Art Of Change LLC, to his daughter Aden Nepom, and now serves as an advisor.  

Rick lives in the Idaho Panhandle with his wife of 31 years, one eyed cat and 5 chickens, where he allows inspiration and agitation to move him to write, and where he serves as the Bonner County Republican Central Committee Precinct Committeeman for the Algoma District.  

Rick is outspoken in his advocacy for medical freedom.   In 2019, Rick shut down his Facebook account (since reopened)<https://www.facebook.com/dr.rick/> with thousands of followers and friends, and his Twitter account, with thousands of followers and friends, in protest over growing censorship.  In 2021, LinkedIn de-platformed his main business account, with thousands of business contacts and followers because of his continued posting of scientific studies and scientists’ opinions that countered the preferred narratives, which led to a rapid expansion in contact requests (100 a day from all over the world).  De-platforming was the prompt that led to the creation of this website.   

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