When LinkedIn took down my account for violating community standards (community standards = lies and disinformation about the scamdemic, and deplatforming of truth tellers and fact based medical info) I had two responses.  First, it felt like a badge of courage, that I was being recognized for being effective in challenging the lies.  But second, it left me feeling a bit sad and empty, because I had done a lot of writing there, good writing, and now it was gone.  I still had the old backup account (set up by accident, could never figure out how to integrate the two accounts…I let it stay, never expecting I’d use it).  So I started back in, because I think the business community needs to know the truth and address the truth if business is to thrive in these turbulent times.

I’m going to capture some of that writing in this blog, because my wife tells me that my backup account, now sole account, will likely be taken down soon as I continue to do what I’ve always done there…speak up, speak out, see something say something.  So if you are reading my blog, you are likely to see some repetition.  

I will not go quietly into the night.  I will not give up without a fight.  I intend to press on. 

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