In The Way Of Danger

Be safe!  That’s what the jabbed say to the unjabbed, the masked to the unmasked.  

Be free!  That’s our reply!  

Don’t be selfish, they say.  We’re doing all this to protect you.   Stop lying to yourself, we say.   We didn’t ask you to, we don’t want you to, and we don’t need you to do any of that.   

The truth about freedom and safety is that ‘be safe’ as promoted by the drug and medical industries (and corrupt government officials like Kate Brown, Jay Inslee and Gavin Nuisance ) is built on a lie, and ‘be free’ is the only real guarantor of safety.  

When a frightened populace refuses to stand up for its children out of self interest, and allows them to be treated like prisoners, wearing masks, submitting to authority, bullied out of thinking for themselves or asking questions because it might undermine social ‘safety,’  it’s the ultimate selfish act.  I know of no previous generation that would have sacrificed its children for their own benefit.  Ok, boomer? 

The fact of the matter is that only a free person can calculate risk/benefit and arrive at at the least risky strategy to create safety.  Someone whose sole interest is safety, on the other hand, won’t fly, won’t start a business, won’t take a risk.    Because life is inherently risky, we must take risks to live our lives!!!

We better start looking out for each other’s bodily autonomy when it comes to medical products and procedures, or this massive experiment will come to its natural end, with everyone under the thumb of the medical/drug/government state, sick or dead.   

Please, stand up for your freedom minded fellow citizens.  Do it for the children, for informed consent, for rational policy, and speak out against the insane idea that we can drive a virus to extinction by killing ourselves with respiratory problems from masks, by immune disfunction from distancing ourselves from one another, and from auto-immunity by way of genetically modifying our DNA!

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