Trust Must Be Earned


Responding to this article about Joe Biden’s vaccination policies <>, I wrote:

Good read, but the article makes the misleading claim that public distrust is due to handling of the 'pandemic.' That’s a gross understatement, and leaves out the fact that leaders of CDC and FDA leave these agencies for plush industry payouts, payoffs and promotions (*Geberding for example…too many to name, look into it!) The track record of these agencies is sick. The medical industry likewise has a sickening track record of sickness and death (200,000 to 400,000 deaths a year due to ‘error’, not to mention those killed by ‘properly prescribed’ medications), as does the drug industry (every one of the main companies convicted of fraud, bribery, etc., and multiple product recalls because of death and injury). Throw in government experiments on the population over the decades (Tuskeegee and more), and now the bribes threats and coercion to get the jab (donuts or unemployment), and you have a perfect storm of well-earned distrust.

Oh, almost forgot to mention...the FDA is currently undertaking its own effort to CRUSH the natural health movement and natural health doctors in the name of the viru$.  (They are taking important supplements with positive impact on human immunity along with homeopathic medicines used by millions off the market)  Meanwhile, the big money players (Gates, Bezos, Cook, etc.) are gaining huge profits from the coercion. There's no end to it.   

No, trust is earned, and the government, medical industry, drug industry and investor class have not earned any, but instead, have bred deep and well deserved DISTRUST.  

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