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1. The content of this page has been collected from numerous sources, some known and some unknown. If we knew where they came from, we'd tell you.

2. No claim of authorship nor ownership is made for any material found herein unless explicitly stated, i.e. "I wrote this joke."

3. No warranty is made that the material found here is funny to anyone other than the editor. Any offense taken by THE reader of any of these jokes is the responsibility of the offended party. The AANP is not liable for your sense of humor or lack thereof, nor is the editor and editorializer of this list.

4. IN the hard-to-imagine-but-one-never-knows case of someone taking offense, the party of the first part hopes that the party of the second part invites the party of the third part to have a party and get over it, as jokes about lawyers aren't all that funny (except sometimes, and we're serious about wanting to avoid that PARTICULAR situation.)

5. If there IS some humor that you would like to share with this list, and it is NOT offensive in your opinion, please email your submission to .rick@talknatural.com 

6. If such material does get posted, and no one is offended, the editor of this list is RESPONSIBLE.

7. I could go on and on and really try to make this as obtuse and obfuscated as an actual document designed by an attorney, but I lack the patience, the billable minutes, and I think you get my drift.

8. Live long and prosper, keep your phasers set on stun, and never put all your officers on the same shuttle.  That’s all good advice for just about anyone.

9. This site has a poetic license which grants official permission to the editor to act according to what he deems proper at any moment.

10. The sky is the limit.

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