And now, from our Department of Passive Aggression, here is:


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advanced basic

airline food (also: junk food, hospital food)

alone together

amateur expert

baby grand (piano)

black light

Brief survey

civil war

Congressional ethics

criminal justice

crisis management

Deafening silence

Death Benefits

divorce court

down escalator

dry wine

elementary calculus

evaporated milk

extra time

fast idle

flexible freeze (economics)

freezer burn

fresh frozen

friendly argument

gourmet pizza

governmental efficiency

great depression

guest host

half full (also half empty)

Honest Crook

hopelessly optimistic

idiot savant

industrial park

irate patient

jumbo shrimp

Lean pork


live recording

mandatory option

marijuana initiative

Medium Large

Mild Abrasive

minor disaster

Mobil station

No-good Do-gooder!

non-stop flight

old news

Organized mess

original copy

Oxymorons in vehicle names: Dodge Ram

Oxymorons in vehicle names: Cherokee Pioneer

partially completed

passive aggression

peacekeeper missile

perfect idiot

plastic glasses

pretty ugly

random logic (fuzzy logic)

rap music

Renegade Lawmakers (from CNN during the battle in Moscow.)

scheduled spontaneity (From a Franklin time management class.)

Second Best

singular relationship

standard deviation

student teacher

sure bet

sweet sorrow

terribly nice

Turbo Diesel

unacceptable solution

work party

working vacation


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