And now, from our Department of Digestible Thoughts, here is:

Subject: Food for Thought

Source: David ,

Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Why do they lock gas stations restrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?

If the cops arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?

Why is the word abbreviation so long?

When companies ship Styrofoam, what do they pack it in?

If you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right?

Is it possible to be totally partial?

What's another word for thesaurus?

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?

Would a fly without wings be called a walk?

Can fat people go skinny-dipping?

Why do steam irons have a permanent press setting?

Can you be a closet claustrophobic?

Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't legally drink and drive?

Does the Postmaster General need a stamp of approval?

If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?

If the funeral procession is at night, do folks drive with their lights off?

If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest, will it make a sound?

If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift?

What do you do when you see an endangered animal that eats only endangered plants and insects?

When it rains, why don't sheep shrink?

Do hungry crows have ravenous appetites?

Why do people who know the least know it the loudest?

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