And now from our Look Back and Laugh department, here is:

Subject: Twas the Night Before y2K
Source: martha hester < >

From: Twas the night before Y2K, And all through the nation
We'd soon see the bug that Caused such a sensation.

The chips were replaced In computers with care,
In hopes that ol' Bugsy Wouldn't stop there.

While some folks could think They were snug in their beds
Others had visions Of dread in their heads.

And Ma with her PC, And I with my Mac
Had just logged on the Net And kicked back with a snack.

When over the server, There arose such a clatter
I called Mister Gates To see what was the matter.

But he was away, So I flew like a flash
Off to my bank To withdraw all my cash.

Then word of the shortage, Caused such a demand
That the money was gone, And the streets were all jammed.

When what with my wandering eyes Should I see on my screen
But Millennium Bugsy, This must be a dream!.

The hack of all hackers, Was looking so smug,
I knew that it must be The Y2K bug!

His image downloaded, In no time at all,
He whistled and shouted, "Let all systems fall!"

"Go Intel! Go Gateway! Now HP! Big Blue!
Everything Compaq, And Pentium too!

All processors big, All processors small,
Crash away! Crash away! Crash away all!