Subject: Buzzword Bingo

>For those of you who attend a lot of meetings, this should make those
>meetings go faster! If you play this game at enough meetings, you won't have
>to attend near as many - but those you do attend will be lots more
>How to play: Simply tick off 5 words heard in one meeting from the following
>list and shout out BINGO! It's that easy!
>. Synergy
>. Proactive, not Reactive
>. Win-Win Situation
>. Think Outside the Box
>. Take That Offline
>. On the Same Page
>. Client-Focused
>. Strategic Fit
>. Gap Analysis
>. Best Practice
>. The Bottom Line
>. Core Business
>. Lessons Learned
>. Touch Base
>. Revisit
>. Game Plan
>. Bandwidth
>. Hardball
>. In the Loop
>. Out of the Loop
>. Go the Extra Mile
>. Benchmark
>. The Big Picture
>. Value-Added
>. Movers and Shakers
>. Ball Park
>. Fast Track
>. Result-Driven
>. A Done Deal
>. Empower Employees
>. No Blame
>. Stretch the Envelope
>. Knowledge Base
>. Total Quality
>. Mindset
>. Put This One to Bed
>. Quality-Driven
>. Move the Goal Posts
>. Peel the Onion Back
> Testimonials from other players:
>"I had only been in the meeting for five minutes when I yelled BINGO."
>"My attention span at meetings has improved dramatically."
>"The facilitator was gobsmacked as we all screamed BINGO for the 3rd time."
>"I feel that the game has enhanced the overall quality of meetings per se on
>a quid pro quo basis."
>"People are even listening to mumblers, thanks to Buzzword Bingo!"

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