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My first career was playing Rock n' Roll in Hollywood in the 60s. I only played and sang original songs, and did a few studio sessions. Only one tape survives from those days, it's a reel requiring a reel-to-reel tape recorder, which I don't have. So that tape is going to stay in the can.
But I'm still playing, and now, thanks to some amazing software, I'm
going to start recording my music again.
All songs linked to this page are copyright ©,
and all rights are reserved. You can download, heck, you can fileshare
too, but only with friends! Just make sure my name and copyright are attached.

New! Your Turn, mp3

New! Pop, mp3
Two new tunes, strictly electronic,
both created using sampled loops.

Have A Little Faith In Me
This song is one of my favorites,
and I had a lot of fun putting it together.
I sing the vocal, play rhythm and lead, bass guitar,
and organ. Drums are electronic.

Forest for the Trees, mp3
I recorded this using Garageband software. My leads, bass.
Click here for the 'Gallery of My Life' music video.

Take Some Time, mp3
I recorded this using Apple Computer's
Garage Band software, using drum and horn loops,
then played rhythm and lead parts in separate tracks.

Cast Your Fate To The Wind, mp3
The first song I ever learned to play on the piano.
My sister taught it to me, I taught it to my daughter,
and finally I got to record it at least sort of the way
I have imagined it for a long time.
I play piano, bass and lead, drums are electronic.
Click here for the 'Cast Your Fate' music video

Data Stream
Been carrying this tune around in my
keyboard forever. Feels good to get the notes
into my laptop where I can tinker with it. Here it is raw.

More will be added as time permits.

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