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Dr. K's Image Archive

In brief:  Born in Cincinnati, played rocknroll in California, had a farm in Kentucky, became a doctor in Oregon, and travel is still a big part of my life.  

Ricky and Lindea Image Archive

Lindea helps me to be happy, healthy and whole.  Two decades later, and I still thrill at the sound of her laugh, the aliveness in her eyes and smile.

Aden Kirschner Image Archive

At the moment of her birth, when I caught her in my own hands, she stole my heart!  In the years since, I've marveled at her amazing creativity and rock solid integrity.

Dr. K's Family and Siblings

The people who gave me life, directed me, reminded me of where I come from, and have encouraged me on my journey. 

The Ricks Image Archive

My speaking and writing career began in partnership with another guy named Rick. Our friendship became the show, and the show seemed like it would go on forever.  Alas, they say all things must pass.  Still, our friendship remains. 

Friends Image Archive

I wish I had pictures of all my friends.  I suppose if I stay on Facebook long enough, I will.  In the meantime, here's some of the many people that I call friends. If you're not in here and think you ought to be, SEND ME A PIC!

Pets and Furry Critters Image Archive   (coming soon)

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