And now, from our Department of Public Health Awareness, here is:

Subject: Top 10 Cigarette Warnings Tobacco Executives Woule Like To See

Source: Jack Kolb < >

10. Medical studies have proven you can still live with only one lung.

9. Most forms of cancer are treatable; at least for a while.

8. This is only one of hundreds of products that are slowly killing


7. Smoking does not affect the fetuses of women who aren't pregnant.

6. Refusing to inhale drastically reduces risk of lung cancer.

5. Go ahead and drive or operate heavy machinery. It's perfectly


4. Secondhand smoke only affects those who might breath it.

3. Cigarettes don't kill, matches do.

2. Nicotine is not addictive because you know you could quit if you

really wanted to.

and the number one cigarette warning tobacco executives

would like to see...

1. There have been no medical tests to conclusively prove smoking is

a teeth-staining, smelly, pukey habit. And we're not all that

ready to concede the tumor-causing part either.


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